luminous ramblings...

...of a photographic nature

Vous pour moi?
This is a sister journal to queen_of_scum, and I shall be using it for all my photography related geeking.

I decided to start this spin-off as I'd like to have a more continuous record of my photographic exploits. My normal journal is too full of crap for me to keep any sensible photo-log...

I currently have 9 cameras:
Nikon F60
Nikon EM
Olympus SP700 (digital)
Kodak Brownie Reflex
Kodak Brownie Autographic
Yashica Mat-124
Ilford Sportsman Vario
Chaika 3
Lomo Smena Symbol
Olympus OM-10 (with manual adaptor)
(I also use my Dad's Fuji S7000 finepix from time to time)

...plus roughly a dozen pinhole cameras of various sizes (all home-made, all taking photographic paper)

I adore working in the darkroom

I believe film and digital are different mediums

I want to recreate photoshop effects manually

I want to learn cyanotype, use IR film properly, see a dagguerotype being made, and prepare & use plate glass negatives in a huge old wood & brass camera

I love light